Tuna Roll

One very simple yet still good type of sushi is the tuna roll. The tuna roll has very few ingredients and is one of the most simple types of sushi. Despite its simplicity, however, it is still very good.

Tuna rolls are made of just one piece of raw tuna wrapped in rice and nori with the rice on the interior, and that’s all. There are not many ingredients in them at all. The lack of many ingredients doesn’t mean the roll is bad though!

There obviously are not many flavors in the tuna roll due to there being so few ingredients. It has a very simple taste, and the fact that the tuna is the only thing inside the roll means that it is about the only thing you taste.

The tuna has a good taste but I’m not a big fan of the texture and wish there were more ingredients inside the sushi to cover it up. With only the tuna inside the roll the flavor can quickly, it can be kind of monotonous.

The simplicity of the roll can make it taste kind of boring after a while, but dipping the sushi in a sauce such as soy sauce was enough to make it more interesting in my case. By themselves, though, the tuna rolls’ taste would quickly become very boring.

Being so simple is not a necessarily a bad thing though. The simplicity can actually go nice with a more complex or heavy food as a refreshing change. However, having just tuna rolls for a meal would probably be quite boring and need something else to go along with it.

The tuna roll is a very simple type of sushi, but is definitely still good. However, the flavor can get a little boring sometimes. But despite being so simple and sometimes a little boring, it is still has a good taste and makes a nice addition to other food. I’ll certainly order tuna rolls again – just not as my main meal.


Fried Roll

(“Fried roll” is the name of this sushi on the menu I ordered  from, but is more of a general name than the proper name for this sushi)

Fried sushi did not sound good to me at all. I was under the impression that sushi should never be fried, and that it couldn’t possibly taste good when it was. Because of this, I was reluctant to order the fried roll. However, since I’m attempting to try out different kinds of sushi, I decided I’d give it a shot.

The fried roll wasn’t really what I was expecting – but that’s a good thing. It’s nothing like what I think of when I think about sushi, but it isn’t bad. It was a very interesting kind of sushi, and was much better than I was expecting.

The fried roll is made from white tuna, yellowtail (or Japanese amberjack – a type of fish), avocado, and kani (imitation crab sticks made from fish meat). All of these ingredients are wrapped in rice and nori (seaweed), but with the rice on the interior of the roll instead of the outside. The whole roll is then deep-fried and sriracha is drizzled on top.

This first thing I noticed about my fried rolls was that they did not look pretty. They didn’t look like they could possibly taste good. They were also large, and eating them was somewhat difficult because of it (I prefer small sushi rolls that can be eaten as one bite so all of the ingredients can be tasted together). However, when I tried them, they were better than I expected.

Fried rolls are much heavier than the other types of sushi I’ve tried, which made them seem almost like they weren’t actually sushi, but some other kind of food. The different ingredients all worked well together to create a good flavor, just not really a sushi flavor. The fried flavor was almost too strong, but I could still taste the ingredients. However, with both jalapeno and sriracha in the roll, it was really spicy, and the spiciness started to somewhat cover up the other flavors as I ate more. Between the roll being fried and the spiciness, it was hard to eat very many of these.

Fried rolls have a good taste, but don’t really seem like sushi to me. I prefer lighter, more fresh types of sushi. The spiciness and fried aspect of the sushi rolls were too strong and made it difficult to continue eating them. While the fried rolls tasted good, I probably won’t be ordering them much more.

Boston Roll/California Roll

The Boston roll is my go-to type of sushi. It’s a simple roll, but the ingredients work well together to make a good taste. In fact, the taste is good enough that I almost always order some Boston rolls when I eat sushi.

The Boston roll and California roll are the exact same except for the meat used. The Boston roll uses shrimp while the California roll uses a crab stick. Because of this, the two kinds of sushi taste almost the same. I personally prefer shrimp over crab in my sushi, so I’ll be writing about the Boston roll instead of the California roll.

Boston rolls are made using shrimp (or crab sticks in California rolls), cucumber, and avocado. These ingredients are then wrapped in rice and nori (edible seaweed). The Boston rolls I ate also had a special kind of sweet sauce drizzled on top of them. The roll is pretty simple but does have a nice appearance.

The Boston roll has a simple taste but is still very good. There aren’t a whole lot of flavors, but the flavors do work well together. The sweet sauce drizzled on top helped add to these flavors and give the rolls a more interesting taste. The overall flavor of Boston rolls is a fresh one, and they can be a nice addition to a heavier meal as a relief from the heaviness.

Boston rolls by themselves are good, but also can get boring. I prefer to have another type of sushi or other food in order to add more flavor. While I almost always order Boston rolls, I rarely do so without also ordering an additional food item to go with them.

Boston rolls are a great type of sushi with a good flavor. However, to me, that flavor is a very simple one, and could always use another food item to add more diverse flavors. The simple flavor is not all bad though, and can actually be a nice relief from heavier foods. Overall the Boston roll is good enough to rank as one of my favorite types of sushi.

Welcome to Sushi Showcase!

A few years ago, when I tried sushi for the first time, I had a difficult time deciding what kind to order. I had no clue what any of the options on the menu were or how they would taste. Finally, I picked one and ordered some California rolls.

Upon tasting sushi for the first time, I realized that I had been missing out my whole life! Sushi instantly became one of my favorite foods, and I began eating it regularly. However, I never really branched out to try other kinds of sushi. I stuck with only one or two kinds of sushi and didn’t know a thing about the other kinds. But that’s about to change.

Recently I have started to try other kinds of sushi, including ones which I’m not convinced I’ll like. As I try them out I’ll also post about them on this blog. I’ll include each type’s ingredients, how it tastes, and give my opinion on it. I may not be a sushi expert, but I hope that this blog will be able to give you some insight on what different the kinds of sushi are like.