Boston Roll/California Roll

The Boston roll is my go-to type of sushi. It’s a simple roll, but the ingredients work well together to make a good taste. In fact, the taste is good enough that I almost always order some Boston rolls when I eat sushi.

The Boston roll and California roll are the exact same except for the meat used. The Boston roll uses shrimp while the California roll uses a crab stick. Because of this, the two kinds of sushi taste almost the same. I personally prefer shrimp over crab in my sushi, so I’ll be writing about the Boston roll instead of the California roll.

Boston rolls are made using shrimp (or crab sticks in California rolls), cucumber, and avocado. These ingredients are then wrapped in rice and nori (edible seaweed). The Boston rolls I ate also had a special kind of sweet sauce drizzled on top of them. The roll is pretty simple but does have a nice appearance.

The Boston roll has a simple taste but is still very good. There aren’t a whole lot of flavors, but the flavors do work well together. The sweet sauce drizzled on top helped add to these flavors and give the rolls a more interesting taste. The overall flavor of Boston rolls is a fresh one, and they can be a nice addition to a heavier meal as a relief from the heaviness.

Boston rolls by themselves are good, but also can get boring. I prefer to have another type of sushi or other food in order to add more flavor. While I almost always order Boston rolls, I rarely do so without also ordering an additional food item to go with them.

Boston rolls are a great type of sushi with a good flavor. However, to me, that flavor is a very simple one, and could always use another food item to add more diverse flavors. The simple flavor is not all bad though, and can actually be a nice relief from heavier foods. Overall the Boston roll is good enough to rank as one of my favorite types of sushi.


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