Tuna Roll

One very simple yet still good type of sushi is the tuna roll. The tuna roll has very few ingredients and is one of the most simple types of sushi. Despite its simplicity, however, it is still very good.

Tuna rolls are made of just one piece of raw tuna wrapped in rice and nori with the rice on the interior, and that’s all. There are not many ingredients in them at all. The lack of many ingredients doesn’t mean the roll is bad though!

There obviously are not many flavors in the tuna roll due to there being so few ingredients. It has a very simple taste, and the fact that the tuna is the only thing inside the roll means that it is about the only thing you taste.

The tuna has a good taste but I’m not a big fan of the texture and wish there were more ingredients inside the sushi to cover it up. With only the tuna inside the roll the flavor can quickly, it can be kind of monotonous.

The simplicity of the roll can make it taste kind of boring after a while, but dipping the sushi in a sauce such as soy sauce was enough to make it more interesting in my case. By themselves, though, the tuna rolls’ taste would quickly become very boring.

Being so simple is not a necessarily a bad thing though. The simplicity can actually go nice with a more complex or heavy food as a refreshing change. However, having just tuna rolls for a meal would probably be quite boring and need something else to go along with it.

The tuna roll is a very simple type of sushi, but is definitely still good. However, the flavor can get a little boring sometimes. But despite being so simple and sometimes a little boring, it is still has a good taste and makes a nice addition to other food. I’ll certainly order tuna rolls again – just not as my main meal.


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