Fantasy Roll

The fantasy roll doesn’t have much in it, which made me think it might have a boring taste. However, it actually turned out to be one of the better sushi rolls I’ve had.

The fantasy roll is made from crab and spicy mayo wrapped in rice and nori. Smelt (a small minnow-like fish) roe is then sprinkled on the outside.

When I got my fantasy rolls the first thing I noticed was that there were two pieces of crab in each roll. This seemed like a lot of meat to put in one roll, but since the meat is the only major ingredient in fantasy rolls that was okay. My problem wasn’t the amount of meat, but the fact that it was crab meat, which I am not a fan of.

While I was weary of eating that much crab meat, I ate the fantasy rolls anyway. The taste was much better than I expected and was actually pretty good.

The crab flavor was a little strong, but it wasn’t really overpowering. However, I do think the second piece of crab was unnecessary.

While I didn’t actually notice the spicy mayo or smelt roe particularly, they must have had a bigger impact on the flavor than I realized. I don’t believe I would have enjoyed the sushi at all if all I was able to taste was the crab meat in it. So while the mayo and roe didn’t stand out as big flavors, the subtle changes they made on the sushi had a big effect on the overall flavor.

With that being said, the most prominent flavor in the fantasy roll was still by far that of the crab meat. While the flavor isn’t bad, I definitely wouldn’t want to eat many of these rolls by themselves. I would always prefer to have something to dip these in (I usually like to dip my sushi in either shrimp sauce or soy sauce) or another food to go with them (in my case I did have some tuna rolls with the fantasy rolls).

Overall, the fantasy rolls were good, but not good enough to become one of my favorites. I might order them again sometime in the future, but probably not very regularly.


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