Shrimp Tempura Roll

The only type of sushi I had had with anything fried in it was the fried roll, and it really wasn’t great. Because of this I was reluctant to order shrimp tempura rolls, but now I’m glad I did.

Shrimp tempura rolls are made from shrimp tempura (fried shrimp) and cucumber wrapped in rice and nori. Sometimes avocado is also included in the ingredients. On top was some kind of sauce which I believe was unagi sauce like what was used on eel rolls.

I was worried that the fried aspect the shrimp bring to the sushi would have a negative influence on the flavor, but fortunately it didn’t. The flavor of the shrimp didn’t mess up the sushi at all, and the fired texture actually gave the roll something different from the other sushi I’ve tried to make it a little more unique.

The (supposed) unagi sauce went well with the shrimp tempura, and the sweetness of it didn’t overpower any of the other flavors in the sushi. The cucumber seemed a little out of place, but that wasn’t really a bad thing. While it may not seem to go very well with the other ingredients, the cucumber did add a welcome fresh aspect to the sushi.

The overall flavor of the rolls was quite good. However, it seemed to get a little boring and maybe could use just one more ingredient to add a bit more variety (as I mentioned earlier, sometimes avocado is used in shrimp tempura rolls, but in my case it wasn’t. Maybe that’s what was missing.).

Shrimp tempura rolls are much better than I was expecting, and actually are really good! While they might be slightly boring on their own, I’ll certainly be ordering them again soon to go with other types of sushi.


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