Vegetable Roll

I typically am not a fan of sushi rolls without a lot of meat in them. Because of this, I really didn’t want to order vegetable rolls at all.

Vegetable rolls are made simply of cucumber and avocado wrapped in rice and nori. Mine were also drizzled with a sweet sauce.

I was expecting vegetable rolls to be very boring and not very tasty, which turned out to be at least partially true. Vegetable rolls don’t have much flavor at all, and quickly got boring.

I believe the reason vegetable rolls seem boring to me is simply the lack of meat in the sushi. The ingredients are the exact same as Boston rolls and California rolls just without the meat (shrimp/crab), and Boston rolls are one of my favorite types of sushi.

While the lack of ingredients makes them taste pretty boring, vegetable rolls aren’t all bad. They taste more fresh than the other kinds of sushi I’ve tried so far. This can make a nice refreshment from other heavier foods.

While the vegetable rolls work well as a kind of side salad, I certainly wouldn’t eat them as my main meal. I understand that the point of the sushi is to not have meat, but I just really prefer to have meat in my sushi. The vegetable rolls do taste good, but to me they just get very boring very quickly.

I most likely won’t order vegetable rolls again, but they still do have a good taste!


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