Salmon Roll

This time when I ordered salmon rolls, I actually got salmon rolls, not spicy salmon rolls. They look pretty much like tuna rolls, though the taste is a little different.

Salmon rolls are made by simply wrapping salmon in rice and nori. It’s a very basic roll, but that’s not always a bad thing!

While the two are very similar, salmon rolls do have a different flavor than their tuna counterparts. The salmon has a more mild flavor than tuna and also has a different texture. I’ve honestly never been much of a fan of the texture of salmon in sushi, but the flavor is good.

The texture of the salmon is kind of “mushy,” but it’s not a problem as  long as the fish stays inside the rice and nori. If it slips out while being chewed, however, I can’t stand the texture by itself.

There aren’t many flavors in salmon rolls, so it’s good to dip them in soy sauce or something similar. Since the flavor of the salmon is milder than that of the tuna, salmon rolls are a little more bland, though they do still taste good.

There really isn’t much special about salmon rolls. They aren’t very interesting rolls, yet they’re still very good. However, tuna does seem to be a better choice of meat than salmon in this case. I probably won’t order salmon rolls again, simply because I prefer tuna in this case.


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