Sushi Ranked

With the semester coming to a close, I’ve decided to summarize and rank all of the different types of sushi I’ve had since starting this blog. So far I’ve tried 13 different kinds of sushi. Here they are, ranked from my personal favorite to least favorite:

  1. Spicy Tuna Roll – When I first tried spicy tuna rolls, I quickly knew they were my new favorite. The flavors all work well together to create a great taste!
  2. Spider Roll – I wasn’t expecting to like spider rolls, but they were actually very good. The sushi has a light sweet taste to it, and it goes well with the breaded crab inside.
  3. Spicy Salmon Roll – Spicy salmon rolls taste almost exactly like spicy tuna rolls, but the flavor is a little more mild, so I prefer spicy tuna rolls.
  4. Boston Roll – Boston rolls were my favorite type of sushi for a long time until I started trying new kinds. The taste is simple but still good.
  5. Tuna Roll – Tuna rolls are very simple but still have a pretty good flavor.
  6. Eel Roll – Eel rolls are another kind of sushi with a sweet taste. The flavors are pretty good, though sometimes the unagi’s flavor can be overpowered.
  7. Fantasy Roll – Fantasy rolls are good but have two peices of meat in them, which is a little too much for me.
  8. Shrimp Tempura Roll – Shrimp tempura rolls can be good, but their lack of ingredients make them get kind of boring.
  9. California Roll – California rolls have almost the same ingredients as Boston rolls, but they use crab instead of shrimp. This actually makes a pretty big difference, and I definitely prefer Boston rolls.
  10. Salmon Roll – Salmon rolls are very simple, and their texture can sometimes be unpleasant. To me, tuna rolls are a better choice.
  11. Vegetable Roll – Vegetable rolls are a nice refreshing side, but are extremely boring on their own. I would much rather have sushi with meat in it.
  12. Fried Roll – Fried rolls are the heaviest type of sushi I’ve had. There’s a lot of flavors, and they really don’t work that great together. It’s hard to eat many of these.
  13. Philadelphia Roll – Philly rolls have a lot of cream cheese. So much, in fact, that it’s almost all that can be tasted in the sushi.

So far I’ve found several new favorites since beginning this blog! Branching out has forced me to try types of sushi I never would have tried otherwise. Hopefully my luck will continue and I’ll find even more in the future!


Shrimp Tempura Roll

The only type of sushi I had had with anything fried in it was the fried roll, and it really wasn’t great. Because of this I was reluctant to order shrimp tempura rolls, but now I’m glad I did.

Shrimp tempura rolls are made from shrimp tempura (fried shrimp) and cucumber wrapped in rice and nori. Sometimes avocado is also included in the ingredients. On top was some kind of sauce which I believe was unagi sauce like what was used on eel rolls.

I was worried that the fried aspect the shrimp bring to the sushi would have a negative influence on the flavor, but fortunately it didn’t. The flavor of the shrimp didn’t mess up the sushi at all, and the fired texture actually gave the roll something different from the other sushi I’ve tried to make it a little more unique.

The (supposed) unagi sauce went well with the shrimp tempura, and the sweetness of it didn’t overpower any of the other flavors in the sushi. The cucumber seemed a little out of place, but that wasn’t really a bad thing. While it may not seem to go very well with the other ingredients, the cucumber did add a welcome fresh aspect to the sushi.

The overall flavor of the rolls was quite good. However, it seemed to get a little boring and maybe could use just one more ingredient to add a bit more variety (as I mentioned earlier, sometimes avocado is used in shrimp tempura rolls, but in my case it wasn’t. Maybe that’s what was missing.).

Shrimp tempura rolls are much better than I was expecting, and actually are really good! While they might be slightly boring on their own, I’ll certainly be ordering them again soon to go with other types of sushi.

Boston Roll/California Roll

The Boston roll is my go-to type of sushi. It’s a simple roll, but the ingredients work well together to make a good taste. In fact, the taste is good enough that I almost always order some Boston rolls when I eat sushi.

The Boston roll and California roll are the exact same except for the meat used. The Boston roll uses shrimp while the California roll uses a crab stick. Because of this, the two kinds of sushi taste almost the same. I personally prefer shrimp over crab in my sushi, so I’ll be writing about the Boston roll instead of the California roll.

Boston rolls are made using shrimp (or crab sticks in California rolls), cucumber, and avocado. These ingredients are then wrapped in rice and nori (edible seaweed). The Boston rolls I ate also had a special kind of sweet sauce drizzled on top of them. The roll is pretty simple but does have a nice appearance.

The Boston roll has a simple taste but is still very good. There aren’t a whole lot of flavors, but the flavors do work well together. The sweet sauce drizzled on top helped add to these flavors and give the rolls a more interesting taste. The overall flavor of Boston rolls is a fresh one, and they can be a nice addition to a heavier meal as a relief from the heaviness.

Boston rolls by themselves are good, but also can get boring. I prefer to have another type of sushi or other food in order to add more flavor. While I almost always order Boston rolls, I rarely do so without also ordering an additional food item to go with them.

Boston rolls are a great type of sushi with a good flavor. However, to me, that flavor is a very simple one, and could always use another food item to add more diverse flavors. The simple flavor is not all bad though, and can actually be a nice relief from heavier foods. Overall the Boston roll is good enough to rank as one of my favorite types of sushi.